July 27, 2002 - Day 34 - Pierre's Cove

After doing some extensive cleaning of the Deerleap Slim decided to call Pierre's Cove and see if they had room for us overnight tonight, and they did. Now we can stay over for the Pig roast they are having on Sunday. It is being put on with the help of the Des Moines Yacht Club from Seattle area. We left Shawl Bay about noon after finding that one of Slim's shrimp traps had been cut down near the trap itself. We probably will not go back to Shawl bay again when there are people there who take traps in that way. We arrived at Pierre's to a great welcome. After tying up Pierre and Tova, (owners) showed us what they have, which was quite impressive. A large room used for dining, a small living room with Satelite TV and a small kitchen for use by boaters. There is a washer and dryer available. They also have rooms available for overnight guests. A large party dock complete with tables, chairs, B.B.Q. and a fish cleaning area. Besides the usual size B.B.Q they have a very very large one with a rotisserie on which they are going to cook two pigs tomorrow. This B.B.Q was donated by the Des Moines Yacht Club. They have enough room for about 20 medium to large boats. We enjoyed the sunny afternoon and looked for placed to take Noel. Not too many good places when the tide is in, but okay when the tide is out. Doug and I took a trip out the end of the bay and he saw a snake in the water. I did not really believe him, but he is sure it was one traveling from one Island to another and fortunately away from the island we are on. We took a pot luck to the happy hour, where we again decided that we would not have the appetite for a full dinner, so the bangers were refrozen for another night. It started to rain about 1930hrs so we went back to Deerleap to get warmer and ended up playing Shanghai and losing to Carolyn again. I don't know why we keep playing and losing, but it is fun anyway.

July 28, 2002 - Day 35 - Pierre's Cove

We awoke late to overcast weather, had breakfast late, and then everyone was just doing chores and we were asking around for something to help Doug from hogging the head all day. Tova found some Amodium tablets for him, so hopefully he will be okay by the time we are ready to eat pig. By Pig Roast time Doug was feeling fine and so we took our pot luck and went over to the party dock. The food was incredible. For example there was two or three kinds of fresh fish, crab legs, potato salads, green salads, many many kinds of pies and cookies and last but not least the most tasty B.B.Q. pig ever tasted. There was lots of pig, so seconds were appropriate. Then as a surprise one of the Indian Guides came and joined us and then gave us a talk on the tales of the spirits of earlier years, just like the ones they give in Mamalillacoola. A very enjoyable evening, the weather even cooperated and we sat and ate in the sun, but it did get colder later, just before dark, which is about 2200hrs now.

July 29, 2002 - Day 36 - Alert Bay

We waited until the mail plane had been to Echo Bay so that we could check if Deerleaps mail arrived. It did not, so we carried on to Alert Bay with a lovely calm crossing. We arrived about 1700hrs. and backed into a slip on the end of the dock. Just about the time we were tied up the Harbor Master arrived to say that it was a reserved spot and we could move further back which meant we had to back down between two large Seine Boats. Slim, as always, did a perfect job getting us safely and carefully dockside.

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