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Classic Yacht Association
Ok CYA Members, here is where you can help.  We need contributions which can devolop this page as a boating resource.

Member info: I would like to develop individual pages with at least 4 elements.
    1. A photo of your vessel(s).
    2. Vessel specifications.
    3. A personal statement about the boat...a quote, a metaphore, a poem, just give it life.
    4. What you would like to network about yourself, ie. business.

    1. Do you have any tips which could help others, or that you want to share.
    2. Resources: do you have a special contact for a product or service.

Boats for sale:
    1. Any information you can provide.
    2. I would like to include a special page dedicated to vessels in jeopardy of being lost.
        This one is important to me, I would like to make it a special focus.

    1. A section with stories of life aboard classic vessels; then and now.

Local boating:
    1. Highlights of cruising locations, events, charters, etc..

    1. From Sea Tow to marine harware.
        So who do you know?...lets network.

    1. Books
    2. Magazines
    3. Reference materials
    4. Charts
    5. Online use groups

    1. Books
    2. Classes
    3. Links
    4. Educational groups
    5. Government agencies


M.V. Deerleap