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The Motor Vessel Deerleap

The Gardner family owns, and cares for the M.V. Deerleap, a classic 1929 fantail pleasure yacht.  In March of 1999, after many years of care and tender restoration, the vessel will be trekking from Southern California to Glacier Bay, Alaska.  The vessel will be visiting San Francisco, Oregon, and Washington while on its way to an event honoring classic yachts in her home port at the Royal Vancuver Yacht Club, where she was the flagship in 1929.

Richard Gardner has been restoring these vessels for over 25 years.  His accomplishments include several classic speed boats, a 1939, 65' commuter, and the current 1929,  85' fantail, M.V. Deerleap.  Mr. Gardner also cares for many other classics as a consultant.  Many of his vessels have been included in film, and movies, including the recent TNN movie, "Wallace".  This life time of experience and knowledge with these vessels is an art which is disappearing in this world.

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The M.V. Deerleap is a very seaworthy vessel designed to be 110' long.  She was actually built to 85', retaining her heavier structural design.  She is double planked 4" Port Orford Cedar over 10" frames, on 20" center.  Though she has been maintained to her original design, she has been outfitted with modern electronics, and navigation equipment.  The M.V. Deerleap could accommodate a film crew.  This journey would be well worth its documentation.

Our family takes great pride in maintaining the original nostalgia of these fine craft, whose design, beauty, and craftsmanship was lost to the designs of W.W.II vessels.  We feel it would be a fine story for publication, and corporate sponsorship.

The Gardner family invites you to record this trip in
remembrance of an era gone by.

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M.V. Deerleap

Richard C. Gardner, Captain

M.V. Deerleap, WW II.